WVDEO (West Virginia Dance Education Organization)
WVDEO (West Virginia Dance Education Organization)
  • WVDEO West Virginia Dance Education Organization

    About Us

    Who are WVDEO members?

      Members are educators, artists, administrators, students, professionals, and advocates working in diverse environments. They represent private schools of dance, preK-12 education, professional preparation programs, performing arts organizations and academies, professional dance companies, colleges and university dance programs, and cultural and community programs. They collectively teach, create, and perform all genres of dance.  members create a rich community of individuals and institutions dedicated to advancing dance education centered in the arts. wvdeo national dance education organization


      What are the benefits of being a member?

     · Professional Development opportunities, local and nationwide, and online courses

      · Opportunities for Leadership on Board committees, programs, and initiatives at the state and national levels

     · Research and Publications exploring the breadth of dance education resources and knowledge

     · Standards for dance education teaching and practice

     · Awards and Scholarships to deepen your knowledge and celebrate contributions to the field

     · A National Honor Society and awards recognition program for exceptional students (institutional members only)

     · A Network of leaders and peers eager to share knowledge and best practices both specific to West Virginia and nationwide 

    · A Voice to advocate for dance education in the arts, influence change, and impact policy at state and national levels       

    How do I join?

    By joining the National Dance Education Organization, you automatically gain membership to WVDEO, our state affiliate. Membership at both levels affords you opportunities and resources at the national level with support , collaboration, networking, and professional development locally. Membership is available as students, individuals, and institutions (including studios and schools). Visit the site below for more information and to join. You really get two for the price of one!    www.ndeo.org/membership     


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    WVDEO (West Virginia Dance Education Organization)